Wednesdays with Wanda

There was once a woman named Wanda, Wanda Gág. She was a great artist. She won awards for her children's books. She is the only children's author of her time whose books are still in print. But, before she did all of her impressive stuff, she was a teenager, and then a young adult, and she was quite a bit like you or me. Except she was extraordinary in so many ways. And the best part about it  is that she kept a regular diary, and later she published her diaries, pretty much unedited. The result is this raw picture of developing genius and grief and poverty and trying to pay for college and philosophy and unrequited love and and finding yourself and being true to your muse and just plain old growing up stuff, from one hundred years ago. The diary is called, Growing Pains, and let me tell you, it is a good read.

That's a self portrait, on the cover.
I have so much to tell you about this book! So I'm making it a series, "Wednesdays with Wanda."

Like so many great things, the Professor introduced me to her. He even gave me the book! And what's really weird is, I wrote this before I saw this. Spooky, eh?

For now, suffice to say, Wanda is wonderful and I'll have millions of quotes for you every Wednesday.


  1. The Professor can open doors and turn on the lights, but he makes you go in and look around.