Sorry about all the self promotion.

The road crew left all of this mulch for us. It was really nice of them. I need it to mulch the hops garden (the one full of golf clubs). But then, when they backed up into the driveway today, I ran out and screamed,

"NO MORE MULCH! It's okay! We're good!"

Because I was terrified they would leave MORE MULCH.

But it turned out that they just wanted a place to park their truck, while they ate lunch. So I said,

"Fine, you can park in our driveway while you eat lunch," 

And within five minutes, I had construction workers lying all over the hill with the jonquils planted but not up yet, just lying in the sunshine on the first beautiful day of spring. 

Big Z came home (shortened day, last minute, small town sports stuff, long story, but it was noon.)

"Who are all of these people on our lawn?" She asked. 

"Oh, they're construction workers, on their lunch break. They cool."

I tried to take their picture for you, the important blog reader, but it was impossible to do so without being obvious. 

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