Music Monday: Heckla Magnúsdóttir

Heckla Magnúsdóttir plays the theremin! So does Zgjenyue. I love the theremin. So bizarre.

In this video, Heckla describes her music as "a bit horrible. It's not nice sometimes. It's nice sometimes, but not always." Sort of like life, really.

Heckla is Icelandic. This is a promotional video for her, which I found entertaining and musically peaceful.

You can find Heckla's music here. 

Thanks to Professor Batty for turning me on the Heckla. Professor Batty has seen her live and has considerably more to say about her here.


  1. I really need to get to Iceland. Such wonderfully strange people. :-)


  2. Neat stuff! Reminds me of some aeolian harp recordings I've got.

  3. Now you know of two theremin players! Not many can say that. I've been tempted to build one from a kit, but there is always some greater need.
    The Professor is very good at expanding the horizons of his students. Take it from me.

    1. Yes, I'm doing my Wanda Gag homework next. Reading the required texts.

  4. Hekla in person is quite a trip as well, she definitely gives off a strange 'aura', or maybe it's a quality that all thereminists have?