Bodkay is not Watching

We have been dog sitting this sweet, sweet doggie over the weekend. We could keep her forever, really, except that she is someone else's, and also our kitty Bodkay is terrified of her! And you all know how much I love my Bodkay. I hate to see him stressed out. We have discovered that Bodkay, when warranted, can be like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland and just disappear at will.

But Fifi. Oh, my. Just look at her:

Fifi is short for "Frida." She's a Toy Poodle. I have just decided that Toy Poodle is the best dog breed. 

We all love Fifi. I even called and asked if we could keep her for an extra day (we're supposed to give her back today) but I have not gotten a response.

(No Music Monday today. I was looking for something, and I somehow dove into a Swedish pop music pit of doom, which is actually really entertaining with the sound off, but I can't really call it music.)

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  1. Stupid Boys and Stupid Girls with Swedish subtitles. Gotta love it.