Music Monday: Sommaren I City

This is a Swedish song- actually, kind of an awful Swedish song- popular in 1991. It was about being nostalgic for the summer before it. I like it for two reasons:

1. It was the first song in Swedish where I suddenly realized that I understood everything they were saying![Summer in the city 1990, do you remember me?]

2. Look at this video! It's just what it was like. That's me there, singing. I mean, not really. But I bet I had those earnings.


  1. Catchy tune! I'll bet if you kept wearing those earrings your lobes would hang down to your shoulders.

  2. I had some that were that big, and silver! And when it got cold, those things were freezing my ears off. They were freezing so bad, it burned! Do you know that feeling? And I had a heck of a time getting them off of my ears. And that's the day I learned: No earrings when it's below negative twenty.