Sculptures by Deb Eide

I dropped by the home of fellow Tenderfoot Collective artist Deb Eide today. She lives way out in the country, surrounded by the physical manifestations of her amazing talent. I took some pictures.

Spring Showers.

Dead doll. 

Lots of circles within circles. These things only last about three winters, and she re-creates them. 

Weather vain. 

Detail of weather vain. 

More detail. 

It's difficult to give you the big picture. You could see the art better if I put a white sheet behind it, but part of what makes it appealing is that it blends so well with its environment, and makes the outdoor space magical.

She also takes care of the local wildlife so well that there were about a thousand tiny toads hopping about our feet. My daughter, age seven and eleven twelfths, found that if she turned the tiny toads upside down in her hand, they would not hop off.

That is a little tiny toad leg sticking up. 

Deb is so cool. She's also a fantastic painter. 

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