Goose: Leader and Protector of Ducks

We have a pet goose. His name is "Goose." He is the only goose, so there is no need for any distinctions in nomenclature. And the name suits him, I think.

Goose is not a pet in that we do not "pet" or ever touch him in any way. However, Goose is a pleasant companion. Goose is quite the conversationalist. He lends a sympathetic ear to my troubles, saying "honk" at the appropriate intervals in the story, and, at times, he has an endearing way of tilting his head sideways to listen.

Goose is our only goose, but Goose lives with the five ducks. Unlike the famous "ugly duckling," Goose knows he is not a duck, and it doesn't bother him at all. He considers himself the Leader and Protector of Ducks. In addition to showing outstanding leadership capabilities throughout the day, (heading the line, checking for predators in the bush, and so forth,) sometimes Goose refuses to go into the duck coop at night, and instead, he stands guard. And marches. He marches back and forth in front of the duck coop, like an overzealous security guard. To me, this seems not to be especially safe for Goose himself, as it puts him (a tasty morsel, I'm sure) outside all night, and vulnerable, but what can one do? Goose is his own man. He will do as he pleases.


  1. Yikes! Is the chartreuse goose loose in the caboose? Let's vamoose! All my goose interactions have been chary and tentative...not a fan, but okay from a distance.

  2. I love waterfowl of all types. Good for Goose, embracing his uniqueness!