Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Grandma Ruth today (lady in the picture at the top of the page. I'm the little one there. The dog behind her legs is Meatball, and the town in the background is Irwin, PA). Grandma Ruth was born on Friday the Thirteenth. Whenever a Friday the Thirteenth rolls around, she wakes up in the morning and says, "My lucky day!" Or, at least, she once said it was her lucky day on one Friday the Thirteenth, and I will forevermore picture her saying this.

She also believes that "cellar door" is the most beautiful word (phrase?) in the English language. Thus my blog's original title, "grandma's cellar door".


  1. Irwin, PA? How crazy! I have family in Irwin! Is that where you grew up? (Did I already know this?)

    Happy birthday Grandma Ruth!

  2. I mostly grew up in California, a little bit around Irwin. I was born in Greensburg.

    I actually posted a long comment on your blog, once, on that post where you told all about yourself, because about half of your list was just like me, and I think it was swallowed by the ether. I never saw my comment appear, there. But I play the fiddle, I dream in foreign languages, I can do any craft but basket weaving, and I'm from PA (and have MANY relatives there), among other things. We're probably related. As my personal description states, "I'm open to making new friends and family". ;)

  3. Oh, wait I do remember that now...and feel like an ass. :) I think it ended up on another post. Sounds like we might have been separated at birth except we're not the same age and I was born on the North Side.

    What a delightfully small world.