Forgive me, I'm not sure if this is really worthy of a post, but there is a truck around here that I see driving around a lot, with the personalized license, "MAD VET." This being Madison, I assumed at first that the person driving the truck was a Madison veteran. But then, of course, there are many possibilities, aren't there?

1. Madison Veteran
2. Angry Veteran
3. Insane Veteran
4. Madison Veterinarian
5. Angry Veterinarian
6. Insane Veterinarian
7. Other Possibilities?

Are there any people in your area with noteworthy plates? Do personalized plates even exist in, say, London? Just wondering.


  1. Oh, I've been talking about 'in London...' too much...

    *zips it*

    We do have them! Everybody apart from the people that have them, or buy them as presents for others, consider them to reflect more money than sense.

    For just £505,000 you can buy one that says B0 55. But we're all amateur psychoanaylsts these days, and clearly anyone spending half a million to be the Boss and be seen as the Boss, will engender suspicions in his 'underlings' that perhaps that person did not feel unconditionally loved by their parents...

  2. That's expensive! Wow! I guess there aren't a whole lot of them? Here, I'm sure it's not more than $100. I think it's really cheap in Wisconsin, like $30 over the usual car registration.

  3. PS you don't talk about London too much! I love that someone living in London reads my blog. It makes me feel all exotic and stuff.

  4. NC has bunches of them.

    I think he's angry. And a veteran.

  5. Mothers Against Drunk Veterinarians.

  6. Working with the VA, as I do (I really support our troops!), my mind went immediately to Angry Veteran.