So, what's the catch (curse)?

Brian and I are both intrigued by this house. It's on a fairly busy street, and we've always noticed it, because it's so incredibly rectangular. Driving by it always sparks a conversation between us about whether it's cool, or whether this design is just too weird:


We were both a bit surprised to notice a "for sale" sign in front of it a few days ago, because it seems like it was just for sale a year ago. What's the deal? Is it haunted? Is it too weird? It's in a really good neighborhood. The street it's on is busy, but the house is set back far from the street, and all of the windows face the woods out back. I wonder if it's just creepy to live there. I adore this kitchen (at least, from the picture):

That straight line!

The really strange thing is the price, $239,800. It looks huge, and it's in a good neighborhood. It's by a wonderful, large park, the kind where you hike through the woods. Also, very close to Taco Bell, which may not be a selling point for most, but I confess it is for me. Our house is probably worth $200,000, so we could almost afford to live there. I think we would, except... there's something wrong with it, isn't there? What is it?

Oh, and there's this note: "Home being ???SOLD AS IS??? "

They couldn't get the blood stains out of the wood flooring, could they?


  1. No, no. The blood will easily wipe off the polished place marble tiles after you slip over whenever you wear socks or slippers.

  2. How do you get the snow off of the roof?

  3. I think the roof has got to be the issue.

  4. I looked at the other photos again. You know, I can't help feeling that the pot plant in the living room is sad that it can't go out and play in the snow, like all the other plants.

  5. I think it's the horrible Feng Shui. All those straight lines are wreaking havoc on the chi in that place.

    Oh, and it looks like a prison.

  6. On the pro side, the kitchen does have a deep frier.