Local News

I don't pay much attention to the news here in Wisconsin, but I've noticed that whenever I do, if only for a moment, there's always something a little bit... Wisconsin to it.

This guy wanted to do something for the children in his community, so, like anyone else anywhere would do, he grew a 750 pound pumpkin in his garden, hallowed it out, filled it with rations, and paddled it 150 miles down the Wisconsin River. You could argue, I think, that this is much less crazy than running a marathon.


  1. I love that he popped into another local town to pick up a replacement giant pumpkin. That's really something.

  2. This is significantly less nuts than running a marathon.

  3. switching from 760 lbs to 600 lbs. pumpkin, “like going from driving a Cadillac to driving an Escort.”