1. A Dream

I was on a bus, traveling north through San Francisco. The fare on the bus was dependent upon what the rider was planning on reading during the trip. Those planning on reading Christian literature were charged $.25. If you were reading religious literature that was non-Christian, including all philosophical works, you were charge $.50. Anything else was a full dollar.

There was also a playground with a slide on the bus. You had to be certain, at all cost, that you were not at the top of the slide when your stop came, because the driver would keep driving, and you would miss your stop.

All of this was very stressing to me. First, I was reading the "Tao Te Ching," which, although philosophical enough to earn me a fifty cent discount over Daniel Steele, was still not Christian, and I worried that the bus driver was judging me harshly. My other problem was that I was supposed to get off at the last stop before the Golden Gate Bridge, and I didn't know where the last bus stop was, which made it quite difficult to be sure and not be at the top of that slide!

I awoke before my stop, so I guess I'll never know if I made it.


  1. I love hearing about dreams. I can totally imagine this one.

  2. Just watch me and get off at the stop before I do.

  3. Very interesting, and I'm not being sarcastic. I love hearing about other people's dreams. They are usually much nicer than the ones I have, and far more interesting.

  4. That boring lady doesn't know what she's talking about. I was in a dream group in college where all we did was discuss dreams, and it was really interesting. So is this. So there!