Random Thoughts About My Aerobics Class

I take an aerobics class at the YMCA. Last Thursday, we had a sub, and she was doing all these interesting hip-hop moves. We weren't so into it, it not being the normal routine. At one point, the substitute teacher told us, "You know, when people clap, it usually makes a noise." I took that to mean she wasn't so impressed with our clapping. Well, la dee da.

The gym we use is in the basement. If you look up and to your right, there are windows where people can look down on us from an indoor hallway. Usually, only little kids stop and look, and I look up at the windows a lot because I like to wave to little kids. We are like fish in a tank to the passers by, and I think it tickles the kids when someone actually looks out of the tank and waves.

Last Thursday, amidst all of our silent clapping, I looked up and there was this lady. I'll call her, "Bold Fashion Lady." Bold Fashion Lady was about seventy years old with dyed jet black hair sculpted into a helmet of hairspray. She was wearing a pair of leopard skin tights as pants. Bold Fashion Lady was in front of the windows, looking down at us, and she was doing our moves. She had this giant smile on her face, as she leapt around, kicking her legs in the air and flailing her arms- to nothing. You cannot hear the music outside the windows. I didn't wave to her. I did smile at her, though.

Middle-Aged Colorado Lesbian Lady wasn't there last Thursday. She's someone who looks so much like someone else I used to play basketball with in Pueblo, I actually asked her once if she was the same person. She has spiky grey hair and wears jogging shorts to aerobics. Today, we were all there, doing our gay little dance, and the music abruptly stopped. The air was silent except for the sound of all of our feet hitting our steps, getting slowly out of sink with each other. The teacher went away to fix the music machine, and then Middle-Aged Colorado Lesbian Lady quite unexpectedly began chanting a nice little snare drum rap beat, and got us all back together again. I started chanting with her, and just as I was beginning to think that this was actually more fun than doing it with the pre-recorded music, the music came back on, a blaring hip-hop something or other. Middle-Aged Colorado Lesbian Lady is pretty cool, actually. Even if she isn't the same person as the other Middle-Aged Colorado Lesbian Lady, who actually has a name I know, but I won't mention it here.

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  1. It seems you've found Middle-Aged Colorado Lesbian Lady's doppleganger. I love when that happens.