Being a Bore

I read “The Happiness Project” from time to time, and she has listed some tips for how not to bore people. Apparently, one should avoid the following conversation topics:

1. A dream.
2. The recent changes in your child’s nap schedule.
3. The route you took to get here.
4. An excellent meal you once had at a restaurant.
5. The latest additions to your wine cellar.
6. An account your last golf game.
7. The plot of a movie, play, or movie—in particular, the funny parts.

In the interest of being disagreeable, I will, over the next week, post an entry on each of these topics.


  1. My friends and I talk about food and wine all the time. We must be really boring.

  2. Talking about a restaurant meal is certainly boring. Concerts also fall into that class. When people find out that I'm a musician, they think I should be interested in some great show they went to. Yawn. Music is good. Food is good. We all know that.

    Concerts that sucked - now that's a conversation I might actually enjoy.