Do you ever read your spam?

This spam keeps coming to me, again and again.

Do I have what it takes to bring down organized crime and prevent terrorist attacks? Nope.

I guess you're not supposed to click on spam, or so I've heard. It only encourages them.

Why doesn't anyone ever send truly interesting spam mail, anyway? Would it not be spam if I wanted it? Pretty pictures, riddles, poetry, dark humor? I don't need penis enhancements, weight loss fads, training in martial arts or law enforcement. I'm not looking for my soul mate. Really, I'm quite happy.

Thanks anyway.

P.S. And another thing: Why do people call and say my vehicle warranty is expiring? Is there anyone on Earth who really cares if their "vehicle warranty" is expiring? Time marches on, regardless, right? I guess I'm just an ignoramus when it comes to the ways of the world. I mean, I thought the Pacific Ocean was west of California, until just recently...


  1. Spammers get cleverer and wilier these days! I'd love to get some interesting spam too... And please don't click spam - that's how you can get a virus into your computer...

  2. I was offered XXX PICS OF ALICIA KEYS!!!!! yesterday. I declined.

  3. Thirty pictures? That's a lot!

  4. The vehicle warranty calls are a hoax, too. I've been getting it for a year or so, and have never owned a car that was under warranty!