4. An excellent meal you once had at a restaurant.

For my graduation from college meal, we went out to Italian. A lot of the family showed up. Brian, too. It was a big turn out.

They set us up in this long table in the center of the room. It was a loud restaurant. (But not quite loud enough.) The place was packed with graduates and their families. At our table, Grandpa Alvin dominated the conversation. He always shouted in his later years, being deaf. Grandpa was talking about my mother, and where she went wrong in life (in his opinion).

"It was because she did that marijuana," he yelled. "Now, if she had only done a good drug like heroin, she would have been fine," he screamed to the masses.

I don't remember what food we ate.


  1. You told me that story when you were here, but it still made me laugh to read it. Gotta love Alvin!

  2. I think you are incapable of telling a boring story.
    I don't much remember my graduation from college dinner. It seems to me that we went to Mama's Boy, which is probably the same restaurant you went to.