Because pianos are not portable.

I was listening to "Grace Notes" today on the radio. I don't know what it was about. I was driving. But when my brain tuned in after a long break, there was a story about a lady who got really nervous about being on the radio, so she went back to her hotel room and practiced for a few hours. I assumed she was a vocalist, playing in her room for a few hours. But no. She was a pianist! Which means---

There was a piano in her hotel room!

It was eighty or ninety years ago.

I've stayed in some nice hotel rooms, but they never ever had a piano. Hotels cost over $100 these days, if you want a non-sloping floor and an absence of urine stains on the walls, but they never ever have a piano in the room.

This is wrong.

In this economy, we need more do it yourself music!

If you pay one hundred dollars, you should at least have the use of a mediocre piano.

There are many things in this world that have gone wrong.

I propose a new series, which I shall entitle,

" "

Oh, heck. I'm not feeling creative.

I mean to write about a series of things that have disappeared from this modern world, but really should have stayed. It will be about ways that it used to be better, back in the old days. Do you know what it ought to be called?

Credit to Pictures of Detroit for the sad piano photo. It really is in a hotel room.

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