I end up watching children's programs on Netflix sometimes with my four year old. In general, they all entertain and educate at the same time. Kids these days know all sorts of things just from watching TV. I guess that's good. But when The Cat in the Hat changes from troublemaker (as he is in the book) to educator ("The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That"), it seems wrong somehow. And then there's Dora the Egomaniac who always wins at everything. And then there's the Dinosaur Train, which is okay until you've see it, "four billion trillion killion times," as Little Z says.

And then there's Kipper. That's Kipper the Dog.

I love Kipper.

Kipper is a British dog with a great outlook on life. Kipper doesn't try to be very educational at all. There's one where Kipper is even visited by aliens. That's my favorite.

Little Z used to like Kipper so much that she would pee on the couch whenever she watched it. She was basically potty trained, but Kipper was so exciting!

We've been on a long Kipper vacation, but tonight she's watching it again. In this one, Kipper's friend Jake has an imaginary friend named Wilbur. Kipper, in usual good sport fashion, pretends to see the friend. What a great guy. Of course, there is a twist in the end, but I won't give it away.


  1. Are you gonna introduce L'il Z to JRR? The thought of somebody getting to read him for the first time...oi yoi! :o)

  2. I played part of the old BBC radio show of The Hobbit for her in the car one day, and she said, "I don't understand. Why do they keep talking? How are they ever going to find the dragon if they just keep talking all the time?"

    She's only four. There's time!

    I actually think it might scare her, at this point. It is fun to introduce her to all sorts of things, though. I read her "Alice In Wonderland," which she liked. She even tried to rename Teresa the Cat "Dinah," but it didn't stick. Right now, we're reading, "The Wind In the Willows." She has explicitly stated she enjoys stories about small furry animals.

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