Cheesy Serendipity

These are actually the hands of my Bad Ass Husband making cheese:

(The second hand is so bad assed, it's invisible.)

Here's a hypothetical situation: You buy a new car. You go for a drive in your brand new car- or maybe it's new to you. Whatever. When you drive it around, what do you suddenly become aware of?

I had a moment of serendipity today. BAH has been making cheese from scratch lately. (He is so awesome, no?) Then, while the cheese was dripping whey, Little Z was watching her little kid program. The little kid program was serendipitously about making cheese.

Wow! Neat!

So I thought there were all sorts of crazy numerology things going on in the universe to make this happen. The stars were aligning. The television was teaching my child that normal people make cheese. And then I thought about it. I thought about what happens when you get a new car...

So, When you drive your new car around, what do you suddenly become aware of? All of the other people who have a car just like yours! They were there all along, even before you got yours. You just didn't notice it before.

I guess serendipity is like that. You can feel like the Universe is suddenly on your side, everything is falling into place, the numbers are in your favor, the stars are aligned, the child is being taught by the television program that cheese making is some sort of normal activity and not just the realm of freaks and Wiccans, and yet, and yet, honestly? I was looking for the Universe to be on my side, for some reason. So that's what I saw.


On the other hand, those people who tell you to think positively all the time and all the good things in the Universe will happen to you because of it, to the point of thinking you can cure Cancer? Those people are the most annoying people on Earth after ten minutes. The first ten minutes they're okay, though.


  1. Hope BAH wasn't cutting the cheese too! :o)

  2. Oh, you know. His theory is to let it go, be natural, so yeah. Probably. Little Z was, too.