The Earth Gym

Conversation with a friend last night at her country home:

Me: "Ever since I moved to the country, I feel weird exercising - because afterwards, I think, Why did I waste all of that energy and time exercising when I could have spent it weeding or building a fence or doing a million other things? So I guess I just don't exercise anymore. It just seems like a waste of time."

Friend: "I feel exactly the same way. I know people who waste hours a week exercising. Think of all that time! It's ridiculous! But I think working outside is exercise. I call it, 'The Earth Gym'. When other people talk about working out at the gym, just say you went to the Earth Gym today!"

I visit the Earth Gym several times every day. I'm an Earth Gym fanatic!

Common activities a the Earth Gym include weight lifting, climbing, digging, pole tossing, hauling loads, weeding, running from swarms of bees, playing Big Ball, running after turkeys, climbing after turkeys, long distance yelling, professional cursing, and occasionally just sitting around. Special amenities include Flash Outdoor Sauna (burning the field). We don't have any of those newfangled image making machines, but we get good radio reception in the barn, with accompaniment from live turkeys.

Honestly, it's really weird when I go on vacation. I wake up in the morning and get ready to go see the chickens. Silly, I know.

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  1. And after the sun goes over the yardarm I get in some good arm exercising too. :o)