Bring Sexy Back, Frigidaire!

I just saw a commercial for Frigidaire refrigerators. As usual, there were lots and lots of women doing housework, smilingly. I understand why it's all women. They think women use dishwashers and washing machines and refrigerators the most, therefore they should show the women using their product.

But they've got it completely wrong.

Yes, women do more housework. But that's exactly why they shouldn't show women doing housework in their commercials. They need to show men doing housework, because that is the goddamned sexiest thing possible. Seriously. And sex sells. And who do you think decides which washing machine or freezer to buy? The women, usually. The women's greatest fantasy is to have men do all of the housework. If they showed commercials with men using their products, then women will get the message that, if they buy the products, the men will do the house work!

Take a look at these hotties - (sorry, this may not be safe for work from here on out).

Oh, yeah!


Now you're on the right track, there.
You missed a spot, Sweetie. Love ya!

Sorry. That really is a bit much.

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