Bad Assed Husband and I spent our weekend fencing in a new area for the sheep. It is sheltered from the wind by a hill on one

side and a barn on the other. This is meant to be a nicer place to spend the winter than the open field. We built it all in two days. Saturday was 67 degrees and sunny. It was lovely going. Sunday, however, it rained, and around one in the afternoon, when we were good and soaked, a cold wind came up, and that was not appreciated by us at all. We did manage to get all of our work done and get the sheep into it, all in one weekend. BAH remarked (correctly) that in spite of the cold and sheeting rain, we were quite happy. It was much better than moping inside and fretting that it was cold and rainy out. We should build a new fence every weekend!

Little Z spent an impressive amount of time entertaining herself, first playing outside on Saturday and then riding her bike around the barn with the radio playing on Sunday. She did not do it entirely without bribery, however: we took her out to ice cream both days.

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