Swedish Movie Night Surprise: Sound of Noise

Like most people who speak a foreign language but don't often get a chance to speak it, I watch movies in the language to practice. Whenever BAH goes out for the night, it's Swedish movie night. I don't much care if they're good.

Tonight, though, holy cow! This is the best movie ever. I don't even know how to describe it.The Netflix blurb says,

"In this absurdist comedy, only a tone deaf cop can stop six renegade percussionists who use their surroundings as instruments to create sonic chaos."

I first heard of it in this Cracked article. It's number 3, "The Big Heist (With No Money and Spontaneous Musical Performances)". Yes, they rob a bank and shred the money to make the perfect sound for their song.

The Swedish humor is so subtle.

The only clue to the first crime is- can you guess? A metronome.

Cop investigating at music store: "You of course keep records of the serial numbers on these?"

Music store worker: "It's a metronome."

The cop's name is Amadeus. Poor Amadeus is not just tone deaf; he hates music. He is also from a family of talented and famous musicians.

My dad would love this movie.

It's called Sound of Noise.