Jack Black is Bernie

Movie Review:

Bernie is the story of a super duper nice guy. He rides into Carthage, Texas and charms the socks off of everyone in town as the assistant funeral director. And then he kills a lady. I guess that's a spoiler, but you kind of know it's going to happen the whole time. It's more fun knowing.

Here's the kicker, though: nobody in Carthage wants to convict him, even thought he seems really really guilty, because he's so nice. And it's a true story!

But the beauty of this movie is not in the plot, anyway. It's the casting of normal looking people, and the use of dialogue like,

"They just didn't understand his high falutin' ways. They were more like, 'put another tire on the fire, Hon.'"

Jack Black plays Bernie. I have decided that Jack Black should be Bernie for the rest of his life. I just love Jack Black as Bernie.

Anyway, see it. It's great. Technically, it's comedy, but I found it strangely touching.

"There's a lot to live for," says Bernie, in the end. Indeed!

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