Two Ingredients (1,000 posts with this one here!)


Squash Muffins

Take three cans of pumpkin or one cooked pumpkin (it doesn't matter that much what size- it's just more moist and healthier, the greater the pumpkin/ cake mix ratio)


One box of spice cake mix.

Blend together in a big bowl with a mixer for about three minutes.

Line muffin pan with muffin cups. (If you don't have a muffin pan or muffin cups, you can just grease a pan, spread it out, and make muffin bars instead.)

Fill each muffin cup mostly full.

Bake at 350 degrees for twenty minutes. They will rise a bit, but still be very moist in the middle. They don't have to cook that well, because there are no eggs.

You now have squash muffins. They are called "Squash muffins" because they are made of squash, but also because they are really moist and gooey, and you can squash them into your mouth by squeezing the muffin wrapper.

Then say,


And this is actually the 1,000th post of this silly little blog. I noticed two posts later, actually, and am editing. Why do I do it? Not sure.


  1. Excellent! 1000 blog posts; good work and I'm looking forward to reading your autumnbiography. But, no really, uh huh, rilly! :o)

    Never a dull moment in your blog; I looked in the dictionary under joi d'vive and there was your picture!
    It was a little out of focus, but I *knew* it was you!!

  2. Most pictures of me are blurry.
    Interestingly, they took "gullible" out of the dictionary- Chief Gullible of the Shoshone protested, and sued. It's much better, I suppose, to have joi d'vive next to your picture than "Gullible"- or levnadsnjutning, perhaps. I will not sue;)

  3. this does sound yummy. I love baking with pumpkin. oh, I so loved the how to make honey post that I shared it- so I hope you are not editing that one :)

  4. Thank you for sharing! This is a great recipe. I hope you enjoy it!