Everything I Need Is Falling from the Sky

Monday: On the way home from work, I noticed some plastic fencing on the side of the road, in someone's trash. I stopped and picked it up. A guy waved at me from the house, as if to say, "Take it! Please!"

Tuesday: Ten flowering trees from the Arbor Day came in the mail.

Tuesday Evening: I noticed that the ducklings were small enough to fit through the weaves of the old chicken fence I had around them. It took me half an hour and a small hand injury, but I caught all of the ones that escaped and put them in the duck house for the night. I was very worried that they would really escape for good next time, and get eaten by hungry raccoons.

Wednesday Morning: I woke up still worried about those ducklings. I used the fencing I found by the side of the road to reinforce the duckling fence and reshape it like a funnel, so that they would automatically go into their little house when they were afraid. I had exactly enough fence to finish the job. The fencing from the trash was soft plastic, so it wouldn't hurt the ducklings, and it had very small weaves, so they couldn't fit through it. In short, it was the perfect fix to my duck problem. Free from the trash.

Wednesday Evening: I planted the trees on the hill by the garage. I was tired. There was no way I had the energy to haul water up that hill and water those new trees. Miraculously, I heard thunder in the distance. As soon as I finish planting the last tree, it started to rain.

When it started raining, I ran out to the ducklings. I walked into their newly configured run with the "up cycled" fence (it used to be trash picking; now it's up cycling!) and the ducklings ran directly into their little house (also taken from someone's trash), and I closed the door. Now they wouldn't catch a chill from playing in the rain (they love playing in water). Cuddled together in their house, they were beyond cute. It took me all of fifteen seconds to get them inside.

It rained all night, thoroughly watering my trees.

You can't seen them, yet, but that's the hill.

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