Gold Tooth

We ran into Miss R, Little Z's old daycare manager, at a restaurant yesterday. Miss R has a gold tooth, right up front. It's quite shiny.

We have discussed in the past how it's an odd thing, but brown people look okay or even good with gold teeth, but pink people do not look good at all with gold teeth. (I apologize if you are a pink person who looks good with a gold tooth. Generalizations are fun but never true.) This was one of our rare conversations about fashion. Miss R looks good with a gold tooth.

Because we had just talked about it, Little Z recognized Miss R, even though she hadn't seen Miss R in three years. She recognized her by her gold tooth.

After we had laughed and exclaimed and hugged and left, Little Z pointed out that she herself is currently missing a tooth on the bottom.

"What if my tooth grows in gold?" she asked me.

I think that would be a remarkable thing, don't you?

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