The following things happened today, in this order:

1. One boy punched another in the nose during third period. (Nothing was really injured except for pride. My pride, mostly, in having a safe and calm classroom.)

2. My dad got out of the hospital. Finally! (They had been talking about letting him out for what seemed like ages, but it was really about a week. A week is a long time to wonder when they will let you out of the hospital.)

3. Little Z's school bus collided with a car load of teenagers in front of the high school. (No one was injured. According to Z, the fireman asked her three times if she hurt herself, and then had her sign her name. "My first name and my last name!" She was super proud of herself, because she just learned how to write her last name, last week. She was knocked out of her seat, however, and fell on her butt, which is, according to her, "the best place to fall on." She was also proud that she told the fireman what road she lived on, but she couldn't remember the house number, so she said, "I live on a farm in the woods!" Which was apparently good enough for them, because she was dropped off at home by another bus, albeit 45 minutes late. Truly, everything you need to know, you learn in kindergarten.)

4. BAH called and said his motorcycle wouldn't start, and he needed a ride home from work. So, we drove out and picked him up. Then we ate ice cream. Little Z took 55 minutes to finish one ice cream cone. (There is nothing parenthetical to say here, but I thought I would add some parentheses for the sake of consistency.)

Some people connect an unlikely frequency of unlikely events to the moon being full.


  1. Maybe Zelma can teach me a thing or two since I missed kindergarten.

  2. She definitely took the accident in stride.