That is not true, Johnny.

This is a list of things my students said yesterday while giving their book reports.

1."Mr. Rogers is a card carrying member of the CIA with a license to kill. He has tattoos covering every inch of his body, underneath his clothes. That's why he dresses like that! He was in the military."

2. "The Underground Railroad laid the foundation for what is now our modern national subway system. They use the same tunnels!"

[Would that we had a national subway system!]

3. "This is actually a diagram of the human brain* [holds up book for all to see]:"

Several kids and I yell out, "That's a fly! That's not a brain!"

He is adamant (without looking) "No, no, it's actually a human brain! Isn't that crazy?" Then he looks. "Oh, wait, yeah. I think that's a fly. Never mind. I thought it was a brain, but I guess it's not..."

That's just from one class period. I love them to pieces sometimes, honestly.

* The fly picture is the closest I could find off of the internet.

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