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I checked Craigslist last night and found some laying hens for sale, already laying, for $2 each, and only eight miles away from home. The guy didn't know what type of hens they were, but
when we got there, we discovered that they were some of our favourites: Transylvanian Naked Necks, Brahmas, and several others. We got seventeen new hens, and one rooster. The rooster was free. Little Z insisted on carrying in each one to her new coop. We'll keep them inside for a few days, until they start thinking of their new place as home, and then we'll let them out.

When we went out there, we got completely lost. The street didn't have a street sign. The numbers on the houses didn't seem to be chronological. The Google Navigator thought the house was in a completely different place than it was. And, the mailbox number was obstructed by a piece of wood. I was shocked by the disorganized nature of the area. This is Wisconsin, land of punctuality, cleanliness, and industrial drinkers. I mean, really!

We also had a funny experience in *Colorado lately, when we were trying to go to Seven Falls, and the Google Navigator led us to the top of Seven Falls. The top is not the place where people are supposed to go. The top is a slippery dirt road on a terrifying cliff face! Not a tourist attraction. The bottom of Seven Falls, however, is a tame little tourist area with an elevator and chipmunks that walk right up to you to be fed.

Google Navigator is fantastic for populated areas, but sometimes bad for the countryside.

* I kind of slipped off to Colorado for a bit last week, with tepid permission from my doctor. I know. I've been keeping secrets from you. I'm sorry.

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