My Weekend: Cowboys, Ducks, and Lucy the Mexican Girl

The backs of cowboys taking me on a wagon ride (not just me, but, you know, us):

Mama duck leading babies to water at the zoo:

Lucy is an art piece that Mary gave us for taking her old chickens. We ate the chickens, so I didn't consider it any huge favour to take them, but Mary was so happy that we took them off of her hands that she gave us our pick of her current art stock. I liked this one best because it has a Mexican theme, and also in part because of the heart playing card, with my lucky number: 27. I placed Lucy in our mud room, flanked by two handsome and also sort of freaky owls. This probably isn't her permanent home. I might build her a knick knack shelf- a little shrine. One of those corner deals.

In the meantime, she can scare off Jehovah's Witnesses and small children (if the giant whiz-bang chicken plucker in the driveway doesn't frighten them away, first).


  1. Egads! That art piece reminds me of an old girlfriend! :o)

  2. Did she look like that before, during, or after you dated her?