Eggs and Chickens

As many eggs as I have, I always have more people who want eggs, but I don't have enough for them. Maybe I need more chickens?

I need some good layers. I'm thinking maybe I could do the "Production Pack" from Meyer Hatchery.
"Five eggs a week" sounds like quite the deal! And only $2 each if you buy fifty, which I might. But, I don't know those breads. I am pretty partial to my Transylvanian Naked Necks, but I don't see them for sale any more.

The original mix was just the rare breed assortment, which worked out quite well, but they are a bit more pricey at $2.23 each, and there is no guarantee of five eggs a week. Still, I enjoy preserving the rare breeds, and they have so much character! Also, my customers seem to like the way all of the eggs look different from each other. They taste a bit different, too, but the difference is so slight; you have to have a refined palate to really notice.

I don't know. I should really decide on a favourite chicken, and just go with that breed, but they are all so great!
Wyandottes are a good, hearty breed, but don't seem to be available right now.

My favourites of all time, as far as personality and production go, are the German Spitzhauben. These ladies lay an egg every day, sometimes two in one day! They are our only white egg layers, so we know. They are very small chickens, and so they don't eat much and are cheap to keep. And they are so cute! And gentle. The only problem is that they are a little bit too adventurous for our free range habitat. We started out with five of them, and slowly, they kept wandering off into the tall grass and never coming back. Now, we only have two. These two are the best, though. They make it almost seem worth while to get more German Spitzhauben. They aren't available right now, though, so I guess that decides it for me!

At least, it decides for me against them. But other than that, I don't know which chickens to get!

Has anyone out there in the Internet Tubes had a good experience with a certain breed?

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