I'm making a chicken plucking machine.

I didn't invent it. I'm following the instructions in this book:

Note the title says that ANYONE can build a chicken plucker. To me, this seems a highly optimistic title. My guess would be that about one percent of Americans could build this thing. I'm just praying to the gods of well cleaned chickens that I am one of the one percent.

"Whiz-Bang" is what the author calls this chicken plucking machine. I'm pretty sure "Whiz-Bang" refers to how quickly it plucks a chicken, and "Whiz-Bang" definitely does not refer to how quickly you can build the thing.

Still, it's nice to have something productive to do indoors on these hot summer days.


  1. Here's hoping for more whiz than bang. At least in the production phase.

  2. Whiz bang! Whee! she sang. :o)

  3. Happy whiz-bang to you,
    Happy whiz-bang to you...

    Happy whiz-bang, happy whiz-bang, happy whiz-bang to yoooouuuuuu....

    (zero points for originality, I know, but it *is* a song :o))