Deer in the City

Taking out the cell phone to take a picture of a deer walking across the street in town, I sort of lost the moment of communing with the deer walking down the street. Most of the time, I don't take pictures of wildlife.

Going to my house always reminds me of playing Super Mario Cart. When you play the video game, all of this crazy stuff flies out into your way while you're trying to drive a car. When I get close to home going one direction, generally several squirrels run in front of me and then the same wild turkey generally comes out from the same spot. From the other end of the road, there is some sort of small furry woodland creature- a muscrat, perhaps, or a whistle pig- and it ventures into the road for a second and then crawls back into its hole. Then, I round the bend and usually see three deer or so. They aren't above jumping in front of me.

Such things I expect in the country, but this deer in the picture was living on the wild side.

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