A Reason to Believe In Magic

All sorts of things today would have appeared to be "magic" and "witchcraft" three hundred years ago. Cars, smart phones, television, computers, curing diseases, all of this was just unimaginable then. And we understand things about our world and about the universe that were not understood back then. And every year- even every day- we're learning more and more about the world and things that were previously beyond our understanding, as humans.

So, it stands to reason that there is much more out there that we still do not understand. In another three hundred years, if humanity still exists, there will be more wonders that would absolutely blow our minds today- assuming we continue to progress and understand more. So those things that may exist in the future, those are things that might, at this point, seem like "magic." Which means that magic actually is possible.

This has been knocking around in my brain for a few days, but the thing that really put me over the edge was this news story about the Ig Noble awards, and specifically the analysis of dogs pooping:

"An international team of biologists led by Vlastimil Hart of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague was describing an experiment on dogs. The researchers were trying to measure the animal's ability to detect Earth's magnetic field... After observing 70 dogs defecate 1893 times and urinate 5582 times over a 2-year period, the researchers noticed that the dogs sometimes aligned the axis of their bodies with the geomagnetic field. As the team reported last year in Frontiers in Zoology, on days with random geomagnetic fluctuations, the dog's orientation while pooping and peeing also tended toward random."

This idea of dogs aligning their bodies to the Earth's magnetic field, while pooping and peeing, that, to me, a few days ago? Magic. Pure magic. 

So, you see, it's out there. Magic really exists. 

I'm feeling magnetic north this way...

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