Christina McMullen & Ben Boyce Collaborate on "Going Green"

Illustration by Ben Boyce

One of the benefits of writing about your favorite artists is that, if the stars align, they may discover each other and collaborate. 

And so, it is happening. Two of my favorite artists, Ben Boyce (visual) and Christina McMullen (literary) are collaborating on a project. Boyce is working on illustrations for a special edition of McMullen's book Going Green.

You may remember that Ben Boyce and I are both members of The Tenderfoot Collective, a group of wacky artists who have an art show together about once a year. 

I know Christina McMullen reads this blog, and I do believe she found Ben Boyce through it. I'm not sure if Boyce reads it, but I do know he bought a copy of my book Exhaust(ed) - well, he traded a painting for it, and I felt like I got the better part of that deal. 

No release date has been announced yet, but I am definitely buying this book (Special Edition of Going Green written by Christina McMullen & illustrated by Ben Boyce)! Having read Going Green without pictures, and knowing Ben's style, I know this will be perfect. Above is a scene from the book. I guess this is a sneak peak. 
  I'll let you know when I have more details. 


  1. Did I get Christina Sunley mixed up with Christina McMullen when we were talking on Monday? If so, it was Christina Sunley who sent me the nice email about the Laxness in Translation site.

  2. You did say McMullen. I'm sure the Christina's will forgive you.