Chicago Scene Complete (Yay!)

I had a commission I just finished. It was to paint this.

I mentioned some difficulties I had with it before. After fussing with it a lot, though, I'm pretty happy with it and ready to send it off.
Yes, that is a shadow of the morning sun streaked across it. 

I did take the time to have it scanned, for a high definition print, but no one had a big enough scanner for the whole thing! So I pieced together a few different scans and stitched it together in an art program here. And then I had them scan the middle here, for a more high definition, authentic print, but only of most of the painting. (Both of those last sentences lead to links where you could actually purchase a print, if you were so inclined. I just joined Deviant Art. We'll see how that goes. Am I deviant? Am I art? Not sure.)

There was much ado and trouble over getting the thing to scan, and Aarreon (as his name tag said) kept carrying the painting across the room with his thumb right on the blue sky, and it was like having your newborn baby being slung over someone's shoulder by her arm. But he scanned it. He actually went to a whole lot of trouble for me, and I appreciated it. And then, after I got home, I painted a little more blue over the finger smudge, which may have been imagined by me or may have been real.

Deep breath. Now to mail it off.

P.S. I charged $10/ hour for this. Now I see that we have on the ballot in Wisconsin a choice to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Perhaps I should consider charging a bit more? 


  1. There should be Beatles walking across it.

  2. LOL!
    That's a photoshop project for you.