Blog of the Month Award

I would like to start a thing where I give out an award each month for the best blog. There are too many blogs to really say which one is the bestesteverohmygodit'sgreat! for once and all time, so I thought a monthly thing would be nice. But then I thought, what are the criteria?

1. I like to read it. (duh)
2. It's compelling for other people who aren't me, probably. Which means: No friends. I'm not going to have anyone I have ever met in person be the author of the blog of the month- although, let it be known, I love my friends' blogs!
3. Nothing that millions of people read. This is small. I want to promote people who deserve more attention than they get.

So, that being said, the first Blog of the Month is Professor Batty's "Flippism is the Key," which I have been following for, oh... eight years? I think?

Holy cow! It must be really good, right? It is. He's got it all: fact, fiction, great photography, and it's updated all the time. He's on his game. That must be why he's the Professor, eh?

It had to be this month, if I were to follow rule number two, because guess what? I'M GOING TO MEET PROFESSOR BATTY IN PERSON!!!

Yep. That's right. I get to meet Professor Batty and the Weaver, his partner in... well, his partner.

I'm so excited, I even created a countdown clock:

Congratulations, Professor Batty.


  1. Woo-Hoo! I finally won something!

    My plan for world domination is picking up speed—a mindless minion is nevertheless a minion.

    Looking forward to our meeting!

  2. Can we nominate our favorite blogs, if they're by people you've never met?

  3. Definitely! I would love to find some new great blogs.

  4. I heartily concur with your choice of Prof. Batty's blog. I've been enjoying it for a few years myself, thanks to J.C. Duffy's link on his blog.