Two things seem, for technical reasons, to be best:

1. All of the backgrounds should be white, so it blends with the white pages of the Create Space formatting.
Little Z believes I need to add roads to go with the road sign. Criticism noted.

2. The words need to be part of a picture, so as to combine pictures and words, the way kids like. Otherwise, I can't have it be an ebook. (Ebooks don't mix pictures and words, at this point.) Not that it really needs to be an ebook, although I thought it would be nice.

I have been looking at children's books, and the words aren't usually too fancy... nevertheless I might end up typing them out. I can't decide.

And another thing:

3. I think it would be good for me to choose a drawing style, and stick to it! I'm narrowing it down. All of the drawings will be slightly different in the actual final version.

4. May I have your opinion? Typed words or hand written? Number two is hand written. Here is typed:


  1. Typed, I think. It will be easier for kids to read themselves.


  3. I think I am going to use that font, actually. Thank you for pointing that out to me!

  4. I'm in beautiful downtown Milwaukee right now, heading out to Waukesha for a day trip. I'll have more info for you about that font when we meet Monday.

  5. Yay! Looking forward to it!

    Milwaukee is beautiful. It's a highly under-rated city.