"A Murder of Crows and Other Woes" Helps You Avoid Awkward Situations

Are you a child? Have you ever been a child? Do you know any children? Perhaps you saw a child once in a shop, and it piqued your interest? Or maybe you like funny pictures of animals? I have written a book for you! And it is now available for pre-order in its Kindle version. The Kindle version is actually quite nice. I spent a lot of time on it. You can click on phrases in the drawings, and the words pop up nice and BIG! Fancy and stuff.

Reserve your copy today! They're going fast! They're going like hotcakes! Don't delay! We're running out!*

The digital cover is elongated to match their silly format at Amazon. (I love you Amazon! Shout out!) The paper book is square, and is not as yet available for reserving. (I'm working on that. Stop texting me, Gerald. [I love you Gerald! Shout out to long-time reader Gerald!] November 25th, friends, is when the book will be released! November 25th!)
Less than $2 in full color digital format! 30 pages of fun!

Sometimes it's nice to have a kids' book on your Kindle, just in case you find yourself alone in the room with a child, and you sort of start to panic.What do you talk about? "Hey, have you ever read this book? It's about a kid like you who cuts school for two weeks and plays with deadly dangerous animals! Want to read it?"

So now I've done my good deed for the day. I've helped you deal with awkward situations with children. You're welcome.

* Technically, I suppose we will never run out of digital copies to download. But figuratively, you know... okay. I'm just lying about running out. 


  1. Wow! The cover looks great! I might have to buy a child or two so I can use it properly.

  2. Before you buy one, you might check your local library and see if they have them on loan. They'll be conveniently located in the "Children's Section."