Ah, the Horror of the Email Sign Up Drive

My little art business here is weird and messy and stuff and I really need some means of separating things that might be for sale with just my daily musings here... so. 

I got a Mail Chimp account! Yee Haw! And I will use it sparingly. I promise. 

If you should decide to sign up (and I will be duly humbled if you do so) I will email you only if:

1. I have a new piece of art for sale.
2. I'm giving away something for free! Yay! or
3. I am releasing a new book. 

That's it. So, basically, if you do sign up, there is a chance you will have completely forgotten about it by the time you get an actual email, and you'll be like, what the heck is this painting of a paddle boat doing in my in box? Oh, yeah... (I really am working on a painting of a paddle boat right now. It's one of those swan paddle boats, with a bunch of kids in it, but it's in the waves behind these guys in this painting of these old fishermen in a dark storm, catching fish in the most serious of ways... check it out! Totally incongruent and hilarious. Like the Starship Enterprise appearing at random. [Which I sold, incidentally, via email.] Oh, but wait. You have to get the email first... you see what I did there? Kidding. I'll post the picture on the blog. But you should still get the email if you have ever been tempted to buy such a thing with cash money. Or trade it for candles with brazen images of Steve Buschemi. Or something. I also like chickens.)

So, get out your #2 pencil. Here's the sign up sheet: 

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