Blog of the Month: Slimbolala

My favorite blog this month is Slimbolala. I've been following Slimbolala off and on since before I had a blog, I *think*. Slimbolala is a personal blog about day to day life in New Orleans. David Olivier is honest and clever, warm and funny, interesting... it's all there. And, beyond that, like Professor Batty of last month, he is a great photographer. He's also something of a cartoonist. For a while, he would draw whatever you requested. He recently wrote a tribute to his Aunt Annou which was so wonderful and heartwarming, I think I actually cried when I read it. It wasn't the first time he made me cry (and I mean that in the best possible way). As the blog has gone on, long-time readers have seen his children grow from toddlers to full on kids, and now middles schoolers (!) and seen the subtle passage of seasons in New Orleans, the devastation of Katrina, the rebuilding... It's a testimony to his blogging abilities that I had no interest at all in New Orleans until I started reading Slimbolala, and now I am fascinated with New Orleans.

Congratulations, Slimbolala! You're this month's Blog of the Month.

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  1. Thanks. That's a good one - good photos and good writing, too.