The Dahntahn Song

Pittsburghers (and Irwiners and the like) really do talk like this. I hope yunz like it. Gonna go git me a sammich.

You may recall that I have been to Pittsburgh. I have a lot of family back there.

Going around with visiting relatives from Pittsburgh, some stranger in a shop will invariable say,

"What is that accent?"


Although, it's actually strongest in the weird little places like Saltzburgh, Irwin, or Paintertown. (Random fact: I'm related to nearly every person in Paintertown. Here's a shout out to all yunz folks in Paintertown! Represent! Random Fact #2 about Paintertown: most of the houses in Paintertown need painting. Badly.)

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  1. Ack! That pronunciation of something (sumpun?) extends as far east as Scranton and up into NY. Both my brother say that and it drives me nuts.