Classifications of Animals

My daughter, Little Z, has decided to start a pet sitting service. However, she is not willing to sit with all pets, just some pets. She has compiled a list of acceptable and non-acceptable animals for her pet sitting service:

This has brought up some issues with people we know, one of whom (cousin Oliver) asks,  "Can you please ask Z where these types of animals would be placed on her list?"  And gives us this link. 

Little Z has this to say:
  • those that belong to the Emperor, "Emperor? What's that?"
  • embalmed ones, "Why would you want those taken care of?"
  • those that are trained, "I would keep those that are trained."
  • suckling pigs, "I'd take those. They're cute."
  • mermaids, "I hate mermaids."
  • fabulous ones, "fabulous what? like fabulous pets? Oh, yeah, I'd do that."
  • stray dogs, "They're stray dogs that live on the street? Why would I want to take care of those? I guess I would."
  • those included in the present classification, "I don't know what that means."
  • those that tremble as if they were mad, "like, I don't get it."
  • innumerable ones, "Yeah."
  • those drawn with a very fine camelhair brush, "Yes."
  • others,
  • those that have just broken a flower vase, "Yes. Crazy ones I definitely take. And also neat ones."
  • those that from a long way off look like flies. "Okay?"

Little Z is seven.

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