Happy birthday to me

I had this crazy ass dream last night.

There was so much crazy in it, I can't even explain, but I'll try to explain a little segment.

We were out visiting at my dad's house, and Grandma Ruth was there, and a few other of my dad's siblings- although strangely, there was one lady I had never met before- but anyway, we ordered a mail order "novelty corpse" to enhance our group reading of a certain short story. The novelty corpse arrived, and we opened the casket. There it was. A dead body of a man in a suit. It stank. We felt gipped, because it was clearly not fresh. Then, the stomach started to rise and fall, like the guy was coming back to life! The whole family was gathered around the casket, waiting in suspense for the dead to rise again- but instead of coming back to life, his stomach broke away from his body, shot out into the air onto the floor, exploded, and then the remnants of it just shriveled up into this little stinking mass on the floor. Other parts of the corpse started doing the same thing, until we were surrounded by all of this gore, sort of lurking and stinking around the living room.

We determined that Uncle Dennis definitely had had something to do with this, and we had to save him before he got charged with some horrible crime, because he had probably made an entire business of selling these corpses to people. To determine what we should do to help him, we would definitely have to hold some sort of a family meeting. And to hold some sort of a family meeting, we would definitely need to eat popcorn. So then we made popcorn.

What the?