The fearless freaks

I've recently become a huge fan of the Flaming Lips. I was already a moderately enthusiastic fan, and then I recently saw the documentary on them, "Fearless Freaks". Now I love them. I want to invite them over and hang with them. They are, as one fan in the movie put it, "one of us".

Their music is great in the same way the Beatles' music was great. (I sense I cannot say this without some kind of protest from my father, but I'll go on.) Like the Beatles, they started out with some okay rock music, but then progressed, becoming better and better musicians and experimenting more and more, until they were fantastic psychedelic pop. I guess the Beatles were the first to do that, but the great thing about the Flaming Lips is that they are still together, making music. And the Flaming Lips are the first to do many other things, like release an album with three separate CD's that must be played simultaneously on three separate stereos. (I can't do that. I don't have even one good CD player in the house.)

And, like the Beatles, the Flaming Lips are from a not-often-formerly-thought-of-as-hip place: Oklahoma City.

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