Tuesday Trifles

Marsha called me the other night.

Marsha: "It's supposed to be really warm tomorrow."

Me: "Oh, crap! I'm getting a new refrigerator tomorrow, and I was going to put the food outside!"

Marsha: "Well, it's not getting much over thirty."

And then I realized just how low our standards had sunk. Not much over thirty is now really warm. Funny thing is, it did feel really warm.

What with the time change and all, it's really odd to have it be light out, and yet still have the world be half frozen.

The refrigerator came. None of the food melted in its brief residency outside.

The delivery guys called and said they would be here in half an hour, then they showed up two hours later, smelling like marijuana and wearing reflective sunglasses indoors. They were very happy delivery men.

The fridge is nice. The other was getting a bit dodgy- broke down last summer for a spell. The new one gets better energy efficiency.

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