The truth about vegetarians

I met one of my friends for lunch today. She teaches high school health. She recently assigned the kids oral reports on nutritional topics. A certain student was doing his report on vegetarians.

The student began, "Well, they're all tree huggers."

Student in audience: "What? They're all trained hookers?"

Another student: "Why does he get to do his report on hookers, and we all gotta do nutritional topics?"


  1. If that is what the schools have to offer us in the way of students, I fear for our future!

  2. When I was in teacher college, I had this one professor who made us watch "Welcome Back, Kotter," and while I loved the professor who did it, I did wonder at her judgement a little when she used class time for seventies sit coms.

    But then I actually taught a bit, and I realized that she was right on target. Sometimes my entire life seemed like an endless episode of "Welcome Back, Kotter," although I was much more emotionally invested in it when it was my life.

    I don't fear for our future- I just wonder about the past. I bet I was just as silly as these kids now, when I was their age.