Music for Mondays

This is the anti-Flashdance. (When I was ten years old, I watched the movie "Flashdance" something like twenty times, because I lived outside of Pittsburgh, and it's like the only movie ever made in Pittsburgh or something. How screwed up is that? Zelma has to be 32 before I'll ever let her watch Flashdance- I mean, the main character is a beautiful stripper who also works in a steel mill. Which means that she likes being a stripper, because she obviously doesn't do it for the money. And she has just about 0 body fat. And she takes her bra off in front of people during casual conversations. The ultimate moral of the story is that, if you sleep with your boss, all of your dreams will come true.)(Okay, that was a tangent. I love the video above because it's the anti-Flashdance. I mean, she's dressed as a Dalmation Ben Franklin? And Wayne sees that, like, immediately? I so love the Flaming Lips.)


  1. A dalmatian Ben Franklin? That's just too strange for me. I don't get it at all.

  2. I don't think I can help you there.