What does wonky taste like?

Brian thinks that Wonky Steve should have a breakfast cereal. I wholeheartedly agree. But what would it taste like? Would it be Wonky's honey bunches of oats? Steve bran? What?

I have to admit that, out of all of Zelma's toys, Wonky Steve sure has the most personality.


  1. I think Wonky Steve's cereal needs to have rainbow striped marshmallows. :)

  2. When I said Steve should have a serial I meant he should have a serial program on television. Cereal is cool too, but he really needs his own tv show.

  3. Wow! In my self-imposed blog exile, I had no idea this debate was going on.
    If it's cereal, I vote for Fruit flavors- 'cause Steve is, in my head, a little fruity.